About Us


Indie Pictures was born from the recent joint venture between Stargate Entertainment Srl, subholding of the group FH, and Riccardo Magnoni, CEO, shareholder and founder of One Movie Srl. Indie Pictures s.r.l. now is all owned 100% by FH. Stargate Entertainment Ltd., is now in liquidation and at the end of 2016 will be finally terminated, FH found 50% from the previous partner Riccardo Magnone. The company today is a combination of entrepreneurial vision and the high quality of management inherited by the investment companyin the acquisition, marketing and distribution of television and movie rights.



In the market of acquisitions, marketing and distribution of television and movie rights, Indie Pictures aims to be a solid reference for the high value product; in addition to a reality able to be adjustable and to interpret scenarios in continuous evolution, in order to conjugate its independence with the innovation of the sector and an ever-increasing quality of the commercial product for the general public.